The Legend of Ngangkhar

Ngangkhar is a village at the foot of Jamkhar, on the left side of the highway to Trashiyangtse. While passing across the Jamkhar gewog, one can see big rock cliff and if one observes carefully one will see an unusual crack on a rock face that resemble female pudenda (genital). Since it carries a story passer-by are fascinated by it. The pudenda are known by two names as Jamkhar Ama Baga (The Pudenda of the Lady of Jamkhar) or as Ngangkhar Ama Baga (The Pudenda of the Lady of Ngangkhar).
Local people show high reverence to the pudenda. It’s said the Lady of Ngangkhar cut her own pudenda and threw it at the rock face. The lady by virtue of marrying a high caste man called Ngangkhar Khochey who ruled Jamkhar at the time was known famously as Ngangkhar Khochey Ama. She was extraordinarily beautiful that whoever set his eyes on her would want to sleep with her. Wondering people composed songs for her, and the talks of her grace and beauty travelled to far off places. But then, the Lady of Ngangkhar had a peculiar character flaw. She would do anything for want of wealth. And just beyond her husband’s kingdom, in Dhungro, was a wealthy man called Dhungro Khochey. He has enough wealth to bring the Lady of Ngangkhar into his arms. He gave expensive ornaments to her and she slept with him. They then began their secret extramarital affair in the cave of Maentsangloong. 

This affair went on for years until someone saw them and informed Ngangkhar Khochey. Ngangkhar Khochey already knew that his wife was cheating and plotted what to do with his wife and her lover. However, the Lady knew that her husband knows about her affair with Dhungro Khochey and took a swift decision. She cut out her pudenda and flung it across the Drangmechhu. Her genital went flying across the river and landed on the rock face on the other side of the river bank. Since then the rock face bore the imprint of Nangkhar Ama’s pudenda. Legends say the Lady did so to avoid an impending war between the two men. And in that instant of self-incrimination and guilt, she decided to do away with the very root of the problem. The story of her splendour still intrigues people in the region. And the crack on the rock face continues to fascinate the onlooker. The Lady of Ngangkhar is still remembered for her desirability. People say that bravery of hers is why she became a living legend and found herself an indelible place in the local folklore.