History of Gomph Kora in Trashi Yangtse District under Tongzhang Gewog

Guru Rinpoche’s classmate who turned into Evil was subdued by Guru Rinpoche at Gomphu Kora. Demon Gyenen Chophel alias Yonglha (Mongkhapa, locally known as Sewang Nagpowho) was a classmate of Guru Rinpoche at Nalanda University (Rajgir, India) who attained high-level spiritual powers. Yonglha was misled and followed the wrong path and went against the Buddha Dharma and started terrorising people. He escaped from Tibet Samye during Guru’s visit to Tibet following through Tawang and Duksum he reached Gomphu Kora and stopped fleeing further. The demon took the hiding place near the river in the Black Big Stone. Knowing this Guru Rinpoche visited Gomphu Kora to subdue him. When the Guru was meditating near the stone the demon attempted various tricks to escape from there and showed all demonic manifestations and pierced the stone from inside and made his way through underground and even scared away Guru Rimpoche. The demon manifested and transformed himself into a ferocious snake and attacked Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rimpoche transformed himself to Garuda and tamed the Demon. From there the Demon escaped by piercing through the stone to a nearby river. (Guru Rimpoche later blessed the tunnel and transformed into a sacred tunnel and people whoever enters the tunnel; his/her sins be cleansed).Guru Rinpoche followed the demon and subdued forever in the stone cave and elevated as the protector of Gomphu Kora after reaching Tsergom, 3kms from the Cave. Since the Demon studied together with Guru Rinpoche at Nalanda University and possesses spiritual power, Guru Rinpoche took a long time to subdue him. While Guru Rinpoche was residing at Gom Kora the Tibetan King, Thrisong Deutsen became seriously ill and bedridden. The message was sent to Guru who then sent his Disciple Atsara Salaioo to Meratika in Nepal to get the Tshebum. When his disciple returned from Nepal to Gom Kora with the Tshebum, the King passed away. The Tshebum brought from Meritaka was then concealed inside the rock as gTer and the Guru meditated for three days. During Auspicious days we can still see the drupchu/holy water coming out of the rock as holy water coming out from hidden gTer, Tshebum. Some artefacts like a statue of Buddha, Dragons Egg, Dhamze Rilbu, Guru’s footprint, Trangtring(small hand drum) of Guru, Guru’s Pony and Footprint of Gurus Khandro can be seen at Gom Kora Lhakhang. Of the many places visited by Guru Rinpoche, Gom Kora is one of the most blessed sacred sites. Other places where the Guru visited are unknown to us or lost to us. Pilgrims and devotees who visit and pay homage where Guru Rinpoche has resided is a key and seed to liberation. Visiting sacred sites of Guru with faith and devotion would bless the devotee and fulfil his or her wishes and will be able to attain liberation from samsara (cycle of rebirth).