• “Garner cooperation and work towards social cohesion in Jamkhar gewog”
1.    Mission
  • To pool resources from its members and utilize them for the common good;
  • To provide moral, physical and material support to its members in times of sickness, deaths and other hardships;
  • To serve as an avenue for extending support in any form and manner to the weakest community members of Jamkhar gewog as may be necessary; and
  • To encourage and support younger generations shine without forgetting their roots.
1.    Objectives

The objectives of the JPT are categorized into immediate, intermediate and long term.

1.1. Immediate
  • Provide moral, physical and resource support to members in times of death and sickness in the member’s family (member-support scheme).
  • Extend support to the poor households of Jamkhar gewog (on case-by-case basis) who are extremely disadvantaged to perform funeral rites in case of death of a family member. This also includes providing help to those severely deprived families who are not able to help themselves during sickness and other difficulties (community-support scheme)……..E.g Tendha Tshechu, Dha Rim Tshechu and Annual Tshechu
  • Design and develop fund raising strategies and programs (Fund-mobilization scheme).
1.2. Intermediate
  • Revive, strengthen and coordinate with the community-based self-help groups to ensure their effective function and sustainability.
  • Support disadvantaged youths of Jamkhar Gewog whose circumstances have forced them to self destructive activities (youth-support scheme).
1.3 Long term
  • Assist communities to identify viable income generating small ventures and help them market their farm and non-farm products.
  • Create socially and economically vibrant communities which will serve as a model for other communities to look up to and draw inspiration from.