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Why Jamkhar? (A brief historical about Jamkhar)

Helmsman and few living grandparents of Jamkhar narrates an age-old account about Jamkhar village. A brave person named Khochi was at Dungro set at the foot of Jamkhar Gewog.One day, Tibetan Prince Tsangma traversed from western Bhutan towards the village and finally reached Jamkhar where a group of people from the village received him. During his visit, dharma was not flourished in the village of Dungro Khochi. Therefore, people of Jamkhar offered him a plot of land with a request to reside there and give religious teachings. He accepted their plea and requested them to build a stone house as his residence. People replied, 'easy' and with ease, they had built a house for Tibetan Prince and the monks living in Jamkhar village decided to name the place as 'Jamkhar' which literally means Jam-easy' and Khar-house' in Tsangla.

Welcome to JPT (jpt@gmail.ccom) Common Mail Account

The Common Mail Account of JPT: Jamkhar Phendey Tshokpa We have also created a Common Mail Account as Jamkhar Phendey Tshokpa(jpt@gmil.com) explicitly for information sharing purpose to JPT members. We can now write a common email to all the members using this common mail account. Just type in Jamkhar Phendey Tshokpa or just use abbreviation JPT while composing a mail. The mail will automatically direct you to the JPT Common Mail Account where email addresses of all the members could be found in. However, we would like to inform the members that the management could only furnished email addresses of 87 members. The management is still awaiting the email addresses of 32 members. We will update the Common Mail Account as and when we receive it from the remaining 100 members.

The Legend of Jamkhar Village

Tertön Pegyal Lingpa Rinpoche

According to HH Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje the

The Legend of Ngangkhar

Ngangkhar is a village at the of Jamkhar, on the

History of Gomph Kora

Guru Rinpoche’s classmate who turned into Evil was subdued


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